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The asian brands
Sunday. 2.12.06 5:17 am
Im sure we all know that China is the king when it comes to creating imitations and most of them are pretty cheesey. What i noticed when I was in China that people who imitate big brands like Nike dont just make a simular shoe and put a crocked tick on it, they go one steep thurther and put two brands together to make a Hybrid brand!
I often wonder what the hell the company that is creating the imitations are thinking, like for an example the team that designs the imitated product wants to create a new shoe, but not just any shoe.. this shoe is going to be hot and every teen will want their hands on it. So they brain storm and think whats the greatest shoe of all time, Converse All Star you say ... very good so fashionable that every one should have at least one pair. OK we on a roll now whats a cool brand thats trendy at the moment... POKEMON (design leader slaps the glasses of co-corker) noo you idiot that is soo last year... Lacoste, yes Lacoste! we will make a shoe that is so cool we will call it Lacoste Star.
So 1 hour later the design is sent to the manufacturing plant where thousands of pairs are made for the price of breed and then the next day you will see them on the streets for sale.
A real life example would be the Knie (Nike) NBA sandals i saw.

Excusese me do these lenses support DVD+R?

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The Squatter
Wednesday. 1.18.06 5:26 am
squat ( P ) Pronunciation Key (skwt)
v. squat·ted, squat·ting, squats
1. To sit in a crouching position with knees bent and the buttocks on or near the heels.
2. To crouch down, as an animal does.
3. To settle on unoccupied land without legal claim.
4. To occupy a given piece of public land in order to acquire title to it.

Introducing the Squatter this piece of fine invention was the fist thing I noticed and said "We're not in Kansis anymore Toto". As I finished care-fully aiming into the hole I was looking around for a flush mechanism to my suprise I found nothing and thought what if I wanted to do a number 2 how would I get rid of the evidence?
I managed to hold off doing a number 2 for 1 day , it was inevitable that the time would come. I find that definition 1 is really descriptive on the basic instructions of using the squatter, and I lol @ definition 2 as I belive it is saying that people who use the squatter are animals.

Lucky I over herd my dad complaing about the squatter and how to flush it, as you can see on the left there is a big bucket of water, once you finish your number 2 you get a plastic like bowl with a handle and with a tossing action throw the water at the brown object (depending on what you eat) it will flush it down the hole. I was very supsried at this as it does the job and also provides a stronger flush than a normal toilet!
The squatter also has another purpose, the ability to be used in the same room as the shower, (usualy very very close to shower) you can see the red handle that turns on the shower. I got paranoid using the shower as I thought I could be standing on someone elses pee (for those that cant aim)

Thank fully in Hong Kong they have normal toilets but noticed in some restraunts that they had squatters AND toilets and not just any squatter, these ones had a flush button!. They must of seen a need that some people are just use to using squatters and also refer to Definition 2, when doing their business.

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back to the daily grind
Monday. 1.16.06 11:44 pm
Just got back from a 3 week holiday from China and Hong Kong. Its the first time I been out of NZ and back to my "home land" county, it has been a intreseting 3 weeks this is the first time I havent used the internet for so long!

I got a chance to meet my grandmah and alot of cousins I didnt know existed, which was great! The main problem I had while on my 3 weeks was my weankess in speaking my own language! which makes if very hard communicating with human beings I meet, especialy relatives ( very embarassing) . I was glad to hear that HK had a taste for english (horray for the British) and that english was taught through out their education.

Over the next blog entries I will post some pictures with descriptive text about some of the intresting things I have seen through out my holiday.

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new kid on the blog
Friday. 12.23.05 7:42 pm
Woot my first entry, hop you guys like my blog I tryed very ahrd to make it look attracttive and sexy so that you all come and read about crap that happens in my life more fun.

I live in New Zealand, yes the palce where Peter Jackson was born thanks to him New Zealand is not a contry that dose now exist on th world map. Speaking of a Jackson i just seen king king and it is O for awsome, very good special effetcs and a great story, nealy cried for kong at the, but a guy cying teh the cinemas is not cool.

Well its new xmas eve today and im leaving on a holiday to go hong kong for 3 weeks. Im pretty scared as i have nev rbeen back to my home land befor in my life. I was born in New Zealand so im like a outkast when I get there, and Im pretty fobby in my native tounge. I will try and blog my holiday and post as many pictures as much as possible.

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Hello World!
Wednesday. 12.14.05 4:33 am
Hi ladies and gentle man a warm hello from New Zealand, watch this space !!! once i finish designing the site its gona be sexy!

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